Sunday, August 28, 2005

butt love

Banking in this country is the pits. After attempts to get my money from 4 different convenience stores all failed, I wondered if I really should be trying to get a beer and a feed? I called my co-worker for help in the temporary finance department - she knows when to not answer the phone! As I climb the stairs into Kulcha, I'm starting to pray and luckily Nikki cashed me up. Over nachos and Heinekens, it's always better to watch the All Blacks beat the Safros than Australia losing in the cricket. Especially when the bar is half full of Kiwi colleagues!

All Blacks doin' the HakaAfter the game, it was time to ramp up the Saturday night action. Besides, the low ceiling and crowd of smokers in the bar were killing the oxygen loving folk. It was time to escape to a dance floor. Marcia, another Kiwi co-worker, and a rather drunk Kyoko joined us for the boogy underground in Jamaica. It's amazing how many times you discover hidden places literally under your nose in this Japan - the shop selling climbing gear is right on top of it! At first, the music is great and the dancing quite ballistic. Nikki and I started chugging down bottled water to continue sweating away on the dance floor. The funky lesbians got in the middle of us all and enjoyed some extra hips grinding. Then the music didn't really change beat at all and quickly became mundane. The air, well, I don't think you can call it air. More like a sea of grey. Stage left!

A sandwich to tie us over for a little longer, and of course there's a scene outside Mac bar. Too many familiar faces and a near brawl brewing, we climbed into the bar to avoid the trouble... We had a laugh and a beer when we met Wes inside as we'd both agreed that we weren't going out tonight. The crowd waxes and wanes but the music is always great. The atmosphere was pretty good except when one of the guys started to lose control, a broken glass, but Sam managed to diffuse the situation. In a drunken state, he didn't really like rejections from the guys he approached. More dancing, with women... and a smile of survival.

Then the hunger really kicked in. A pizza from the only place serving food at 5:30am and the dawn breaks for another beautiful day in Hiroshima.

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