Tuesday, August 09, 2005

revenge of the Teva tan

Dancing with strangers and friends the night before, at the Mac bar. Only after Carlos had one-by-one driven each group of women out of the bar, including the last draw, the prostitutes, did I enquire to his fruitless efforts. There were bets being put on the single digit number of minutes before the next group would escape him into the balmy night. I was enticed at the last minute to buy a ticket, Yoshimi mentioned the Sun Dance was where they were headed.

Wes called me during my brief sleep, "Time to get up if you want to go to the Sun Dance. You bought a ticket last night, remember?" On the ferry down to the island, last night's bartender was behind dark sunglasses promising us a beach full of bikini clad women. Full points to the bartender, promise upheld.
jet skis and bikinisWorking on the sun tan, swimming in the shallows and sucking up to any jet-ski owner/driver for a ride, without a doubt 100% of these girls are hot - literally. Definitely cranking the mercury well past 30 and a smile on our dials, to boot.

volleyball compThe beer was flowin', the food was edible, the sun was cookin' and the music was pumpin'. I must admit I was rather oblivious to the volleyball competition that was held all afternoon. Slapping on sunscreen, sleeping under a shade tent, relaxing and floating in an inflated ring occupied a fair amount of the afternoon. Later, dancing to the stage bands and other amusing performances. Somehow Wes and I managed to score a lift back into town afterwards. Not a bad way to spend a day off work really...