Monday, December 26, 2005

karaoke virgin

There are somethings that just take a bit longer than expected. Like an internet connection at a new apartment for instance. I had been a karaoke virgin until 2am on Christmas morning.

ice-cream seatsOn Christmas Eve, after finishing a really long stint of work, I began re-training my stomach in the art of larger portion consumption. Kemby's 100% beef burger is a welcome tummy filler. I met up with my great friends in the Opium bar, where we played the silly email all your friends "Merry Christmas" and see how many reply before 2am, game.

karaoke kings and queensOnce in Round One, of course Madonna had to be sung and I thought Like A Prayer would make a great song to murder. Kal managed a ripping rendition of Dolly Parton's Jolene. Maraccas and tambarines helped drown out some of the bad vocals and it was a really fun time. One more Japanese experience ticked off...

Apparently I got a lift home in a taxi...

Mrs Claws and Rude-offThen it was on. Wes and I rolled into Molly Malone's after our final lunchtime training session. Fashionably late doesn't seem to exist here. Our rather large group had all arrived and were eating within half an hour. Junko looked fabulous in her kimono. Kat looked vivacious as Mrs Claws and side-kicked by Dan, the Rude-off. The band played over a superb feast, a few of the Molly's staff sang a few Christmas carols and we migrated to Kemby's AM for a few more drinks. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a great time - I did!

Thanks to everyone who turned up, your company was a true pleasure of Christmas for me. Thanks also to Mark and the staff of Molly Malone's for putting on a great evening.

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