Monday, December 05, 2005

quarantine express

Frustrated and tired of being denied use of our kitchen and living room with no end in sight, I pulled out. I am certain that apartment will soon be condemned. Last Sunday I packed out all my stuff and moved to my 3rd apartment. Wes and 2 taxis helped me get all my accumulation of stuff into the new apartment. After all the hard work of moving, we deserved a couple of beers. We bumped into the waitress on her way to work and decided to walk with her to one of my favourite pubs, The Shack. The first snow fell late that night.

Waking up on my futon, I was most excited at the sight of fresh snow dumped on the city streets below. This view from my balcony 7 floors above is busier with people and much nicer than watching the boring shinkansen silently slipping into Hiroshima station. Though I do miss the size and how well equipped the kitchen of the previous apartment was. Standard issue here is 1 fork per person, 1 knife per person, 1 teaspoon per person, etcetera. Once again I have a tatami mat floor and for the first time, a heater / air-con unit in my big bedroom. The thin fusuma (Japanese style) sliding doors separate James' and my bedroom. Kyle, my other new housemate, can relate to problems I had in the previous apartment, as he shared an apartment with the same useless housemate 6 months ago!

Now I just need to update my address details everywhere, inluding my alien registration card. Rent here is cheaper, my commute on the tram to work is paid for, and I don't have to eat out everyday. Maybe I can save money from this Japan experience after all! Then again, Christmas is on it's way and ski trips could quickly balance out the funds. I'm looking forward to going ice-skating and a hearty Christmas dinner. We have booked in for dinner and somehow rounded up nearly 30 people for a function that is not a recognised holiday.

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