Tuesday, April 12, 2005

first class sleeper

Our on the job training began today and to kick us off with a flying start, we taught the first half of a 40 minute class. I was a little surprised that we would be doing so much on our very first day. We'd had a few hours of training before it though... So there are several hundred things we are all trying to jam into our heads before this first class, quite daunting really.
No, I cannot have my cuffs unbuttoned, despite the fact that the building's heating is set to over 30 degrees.
I'm trying to get used to wearing a suit to work, find my way around town, find out what tastes like good eating, absorb the techniques of teaching, learn some Japanese language myself, work out how I am going to get internet access, iron my shirt on a micro-ironing-board only 10cm off the floor...

Then it's on! The bell rings and in we all go to our booths, 2 students waiting in mine. We do brief introductions then one of my students appears to be falling asleep! Shit! No! I wanted to wake him and say
Hey, not now, I'm being observed by my superiors.
Here have a Red Bull!


Clinton Fowler said...

Vern, I know exactly how you felt when being observed for the lesson. That's standard practice here in Poland too. I hated it. One of the advantages of teaching privately over teaching for a language school is that you don't get observed. Or the observer is the learner.

Clinton Fowler said...

Vern, what's going on over there? I haven't heard from you (email or MSN Messenger) since you got there. Is that because you don't have internet access at your home? Please answer my question on your next blog. One more question... what is the name of the city or nearest city that I would see on a map that you are living in?

Anonymous said...

Where did you find red bull in hiroshima?

Vernon said...

I haven't found any Red Bull in Hiroshima. In fact, I haven't seen any alcohol vending machines either. Only a small disappointment.