Friday, April 01, 2005

Japanese Jenny Craig

Chunky Soup: The Sumotori Diet
These guys have a scary appetite!

I'm always interested to try a new restaurant though. Last night my friend Melanie, organised a farewell gig at the Italian Waiter's Restaurant. Great food... I will miss Italian cuisine somewhat over the next 12 months.

We knocked back a couple of pots first in the bar downstairs. The rather uncreative name 20 Meyers Place is quite a trendy little bar, as you might expect for this end of town. With Stella Artois and good ol' Carlton Draught both on tap, who can really complain. Did you know that Carlton Draught is Australia's biggest selling tap beer? Loop across the laneway is a bit more flashy and loungy.

It was fantastic to catch up with some of the greatest friends I'll ever have and work-family and my aunty and uncle too. Thank you all for a great night and for making the time to farewell me on my way.

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