Sunday, April 24, 2005

hard road

After a fantastic start to learning Japanese language the weekend before, I was looking forward to this weekend's lessons. At the Hiroshima International Centre the lessons are at 10am and 1pm on Saturdays - 1 of my days off, unlike most other teachers. Besides the fact that they are free, the girl that ran last week's afternoon session is quite cute.

This week I thought I'd really get into it by attending both the morning and the afternoon class. Not only did the morning class start before the 10am start time, it also had some crusty old man who really couldn't teach to beginners very well. I was studying the way he was teaching and making mental notes of what not to do with my own beginner students. After the crusty old man expected me to know the answers to his questions which I couldn't even understand, and respond in a language I know stuff all about, I bumped the student along side me,
"Are we in an advanced class? I feel like I'm a little behind what the hell is going on here."
I was almost about to leave when they rotated the crusty teacher out, split the class into smaller groups and introduced more useful teachers.

All was good again in the afternoon with the cute teacher and the fun games we play when we don't know shit about another language. Moral of this story is simple: if you don't like to sleep in on Saturday morning and you want the mental begeesus kicked out of you, try the morningclass; otherwise stick to cute instructors and fun games.

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