Sunday, May 29, 2005

mysterious mando mitami

tori gateway to the Gokoku temple
tori gateway to the Gokoku temple,
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A work colleague mentioned the mando mitami festival for this weekend. Great, I am definitely interested. I mentioned it to everyone during the week leading up to the event and no-one had ever heard of this festival. I was beginning to worry this was someone's idea of a practical joke.

After a champion's dinner at an Indian restaurant, the 3 of us dodged and weaved through waves of pedestrians and zebra crossings, over the moat bridge and parked it near the Gokoku temple.

This is a video clip.
You can watch it on Vimeo.
drummers going ballisticIt was definitely on. Stupid me left my tripod at home, but check out some of these photos anyway. The festival write-up called it a nuptual tie dance. If my Japanese was better, maybe I could confirm that... In the mean time, the pictures will have to speak for themselves. The drummers we're very loud and excellent, the sword dancers a little zany, so imagine a psychotic performance when you look at this photo and these short movie clips.

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Dan said...

Dang, I love how you have your flickr, vimeo, and blog all linked up! You are like my editorial inspiration. When I get home and have nothing to do, it's ON!! My vast network of writing, images, and video, seamlessly interlaced, is going to blow you away.