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Yahua garden

Yahua garden
Yahua garden,
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Yuhua Garden was built by the city of Hiroshima in commemoration of the fifth anniversary (1991) of its friendship city relationship with Chongqing in China's Sichuan province. Based on designs sent by Chongqing, the garden incorporates characteristics particular to Sichuan gardens and, with its classical design, reveals traditional Chinese garden-building theory and techniques.

"Yu" of Yuhua is the old name for Chongqing, and "hua" means splendor and beauty.

The garden covers approximately 1,700m2 and is surrounded by a wall with lattice-style windows. Inside, a variety of traditional structures - a walkway, gazebos, and gates - and settings with a pond, trees, and rock formations all lend a unique ambiance, allowing visitors to meander through and enjoy the scenery in any of the four seasons.

The eastern half of the gardens forms the entrance and exit and is an arrangement of inner gardens and three gates, two small and one large. The western half, which evokes images of natural beauty, consists of a central pond (Xiqiu Pond), two gazebos (Liuxiang Gazebo and Yanxiu Gazebo), and one walkway (Danbi Walkway). These elements compose the heart of the garden.

The City of Hiroshima
March 1992

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