Tuesday, September 06, 2005

my toblerone

ticket to the chocolate factoryOkay, I admit it, I love chocolate. Maybe having a Belgium ex-girlfriend contributes to that. Maybe not. I always thought Australian chocolate was pretty good. We never got into the Cadbury's factory in Tasmania though. For some strange reason the factory was closed that day...

In Japan, not all chocolates are equal. In fact many of the local products are rubbish. Many times I've battled my way past 5 layers of packaging only to reach disappointment. KitKats are the imported chocolate that I am frequently caught munching on at work.
During the Second World War Rowntree KitKat was seen as a valuable wartime food and advertising described the brand as 'What active people need'.
Considering my vast alcohol intake of recent times though, perhaps a beverage should be recommended. The Toblerone recipe is something I like to keep handy.

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