Monday, September 12, 2005


Kavita DJing one last timeAll good things come to an end. Kavita, a fellow Nova teacher, has finished up and gone back to Adelaide. With little advance notice, we drank and said our goodbyes at a farewell party in Four-tune and G's Bar.

Last Friday night, after only using my bike for a week or so since the second kidnapping, my cursed transport has finally been stolen. (The parking police don't operate after hours). I'm on the lookout for a replacement 2ndhand bike when I get around to it. Meanwhile, life without a bike sucks.

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Last night's sayonara party in The Shack was for Angela, a Nova teacher who has been working with me at the (駅前) eki-mae branch. She and Ryan will return to Canada next week. A handfull of our students will miss her dearly and soon forget how to say in English You're beautiful and other blunt pick-up lines.

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