Sunday, September 25, 2005

commitment, cat & the C word

Calling on comrades for favours can sometimes challenge us. Am I cowardly for not wanting to take care of a cat? Can I really clean up someone else's crap?

My Thai friend's charisma (and cash) convinced me to come over and take care of the little rat. Criminal. In turn, after chugging down several cervezas and chewing the fat, Kate was charmed at the chance.

Crashing out at the flat with a can of Chu-Hi and chomping on some Pringles chips, the little kitten got its chow and a new name: Rover!

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Anonymous said...

Vern - what is wrong with you? I've just spent the past 5 days supervising Jo and Jeff's 2 cats at Baranduda whilst they are touring around Tasmania. Kitten was all over me and Jo's cat Charlie spent most of the time outdoors. We had a massive thunderstorm at Wodonga and I was a bit scared but survived it OK.
Did you get my email re Ozemail change of dial up number - can you read it and get back to me whenever! Ta - regards Jo's MUM