Monday, October 03, 2005

the bar is open

Kemby's AMKemby's A.M. opened last Thursday night. As regular customers (or frequent fools) at Kevin's other bars in town, Wes and I both had invitations + 1 friend each to the opening. In fact there were 3 openings, each of two hours, and any drink you want from the bar is free... Where's the catch I hear you say. There was none!

Yukari and Wes enjoying the nightSo Wes and I rounded up some friends to join us for some experimental drinking. I'm still disappointed that Butterscotch Schnapps is so difficult to find in Japan, so Cowboys are never on the menu. Instead, I started with a Grasshopper, and explained what one was to our Japanese friends. Then we got stuck into some B52's - I must admit I do feel strange when drinking these in Hiroshima. Furthering my education for the evening, I never knew that Sex on The Beach can be had in more than 13 different ways - variety is the spice of life, right!

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popito said...

The Cowboy - pronounced Cock Sucking Cowboy - as ordered at high volume by a friend in a very middle class pub in England, producing no end of laughs for those present. Guess you had to be there but it was funny.....