Monday, March 13, 2006

boogie boarders

Madoka (on Vimeo)I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to skate (¥1340) at Big Wave if I'm trying to save money for this China trip. Perhaps my last opportunity to ski this winter, I was joined by 4 of the Hiroshima snowboarding gang: Rie, Naoko, Madoka and Kate. Dog-tired and not really understanding why, I crashed out on the back seat of the bus. While my iPod entertained Kate, the swaying chandelier sent me into a trance... On reaching Osa, Rie lent me her wax for a quick rub on my dry planks. We all jumped on the lift and tried a warm-up run down the easy slope.

Naoko (on Vimeo)Hiding behind her flash new white pants - perfect camouflage - Kate was quietly advancing her skill. After lunch, her snowboard-in-hand method for riding the lifts ended in an incident of the board trapped in the chair and subsequently flung off; She since started the practice of leg-attached (a.k.a. normal) lift riding. Well done.

On return to Hiroshima, Masahide and I briefly chatted on the streetcar going home, then I teamed up with Kate again to take a free dinner opportunity at Kemby's. Pretty good first day of my 3 day weekend. I later found out from my housemate that I didn't get home until 4:15am before catching that 8:30am bus to the snow. Oh that's right, Wes and I went to WaraWara izakaya for dinner then ended up dancing the night away in Mac bar with Miki and Nao...


Kate said...

Thank you for the loan of the iPod, I know you only did it to stop me from talking so you could get some kip! Fair enough. Great day snowgliding, wish it could be a regular Sunday outing.Although you can't keep having 4:00am bed times!

Vernon said...

Oh, I actually wanted to hear the Jem song They that you introduced to me. It's funky.