Sunday, March 19, 2006

pros and cons of karaoke

Last Friday I joined a bunch of friends for an evening of karaoke. I'm certainly no expert singer by any means so I will keep my day job! I met Yukari and scoffed a bowl of yakiniku-don in Yoshinoya before crossing the street. Somehow my friend has created a new word from the American English cross-walk into cross-running. Some of the gang were already in a karaoke booth chock-a-block full of smoke and people. With more people still coming, we ordered a bigger booth.

James was quick to jump on the mic and put his best foot forward. Nikki, Rodney and others were able to get some great songs in, some drinks, and a few good laughs.

Masa at one with the lyrics.Junko belting out a tuneMasa had some trouble focusing, perhaps alcohol related, I'm not certain though... Junko joined us and belted out one of the few Japanese tunes of the night. I don't know why our other Japanese companions weren't putting in much effort. I thought booze was supposed to boost confidence? It certainly gave me the confidence to assist Nikki with that hideous New Kids on the Block song Step by step, I was putting just one Step! in, occasionally I was in time with the music. It shames me as I recall naming this group New skids on the jock.

Yukari singing something...Colin cranking out the song of his life.Yukari sung something... and we all teamed up with Colin cranking out that great Australian hit song Down Under about the Vegemite sandwich! Perhaps you've heard of beer goggles, but have you heard of beer ear-muffs? What's that? What did you say? Yeah, sure, sounds great!

At least it was sounding fine, until it was time to pay. The enormous bill smashed any hopes I had of going skiing again this winter. I got a lift back to my place, abandoning my bike to the elements.

Getting to work the next day was further punishment, as I was about to leave the apartment when I remembered that I left it near the karaoke place! A ¥1,000 yen taxi ride later and I cruised in with a few minutes to spare.

Last of all, I have to go out on this cold rainy day to retrieve my bike. I hope it is still there and the bike-police-nazis haven't stolen it. Get Hiroshima Blog: Hiroshima to start clearing away bicycles at night.

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