Wednesday, March 22, 2006

music: live to death?

Cherry "B"
Wes goin' on the guitar
Wes goin' on the guitar,
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This was the final gig for Wes to play in Hiroshima. Kate and I kicked off with a Cherry "B" that tasted like hideous, sweet dishwater. Spring Live at Kemby's was a great night. Tamison?Tamison? who was the feature act of the night arrived late, then pumped out some jazz numbers. So loud in fact, shouting to the person sitting adjacent was pointless inuaduble jibberish. We were there to see Wes and listen to his acoustic guitar and singing. Here's a clip from his first set... Alternating sets provided a good mix of the two different solo artists' styles.

Kate's brother Mat is on the other side of the live music spectrum. Check out the Fisk Industries site for some cool Indie stuff and their upcoming gigs.
Mathieu RansonTrip down memory lane: in case anyone missed it, here is the video for Last Flight Sonic from the Isle Of Wight EP (2003) directed and produced by Chris Wilson and Mathieu Ranson.
In Hiroshima, it really is a question whether or not the live music scene will revive, survive or dive. To me, it's no real wonder: Rip off karaoke sessions; The nearby City Hall's childish chimes several times a day keep the human androids well in their slave routine; Similar gay chimes emit from my house-mate's mobile phone to wake him instead of tracks from The Streets we downloaded onto it.

U2 Vertigo TourWhile many netizens have taken up for their tune sharing fantasies, others are enjoying their music library expansion via Limewire. Back on the live scene, even the famed U2 have postponed their final 10 of the Vertigo concert tour for Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Yes, U2 are still around. Ben Harper's tour might be a goer though...

How's your local live music scene?

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Clearceven said...

Hi Vernon,
I love your site, a regular diary of events. Emma sent me the link to the site in her last update. I wish I`d been there to see her and Kate doing their number!!
Anyway, just wanted to say best of luck in your adventures from now.

All the best