Wednesday, April 05, 2006

all hard hats for China

Problem loading page... Ah, yeah. Well, believe it or not folks, but from here in China I cannot access vimeo, Wordpress and I cannot directly access blogger either! And Hotmail won't work so well either... So posts might stretch out a little and frequency might drop. I am totally at the mercy of what appears to be the government's censorship. Blogger isn't safe for the People.

safe hotelsA bit of a sleep-in almost got the better of me. Knowing I'll have to return to Shanghai, I decided to leave the construction zone and start doing what I came here for.

At 10AM I dashed out, took the metro around to Shanghai Station, then re-surfaced and spotted the Longmen Hotel. Marching towards it, looking for the easy way to buy tickets as a foreigner, it suddenly revealed the lowest 4 floors being demolished! I managed to buy a more expensive ticket fairly easy from the station's ticket office.

Back-tracking to the Captain Hostel, I rammed all my things into my pack then checked out right on 12 noon.

Things to do when back in Shanghai:
  • Oriental Pearl Tower - better at nightOriental Pearl Tower - that giant syringe on the opposite bank
  • check out 1930's strip of the French concession for that old world feel
  • the underwater tunnel - it is so mysterious
  • China Sex Culture Museum - something about a lesbian dildo
  • Jade Buddha Temple - in case the sex museum fails to enlighten
  • The Maglev - who doesn't want to go 430 km/hour to get to the airport in 8 minutes!
So look out Beijing, here I come!

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