Saturday, April 29, 2006

tiger leaping

On the tenth day of Christmas... Okay, wrong lyrics. This is Tiger Leaping Gorge, not 10 lords leaping.

IMG_1316A saksushka omelette sounded different... and tasted great. With Javier and Merche, we walked down the road then up the trail behind Tina's GuestHouse. Listening to their Spanish banter, I gradually remembered words from years ago.

Tina's GuestHouse is where it all startsA morning tea break at the Half-Way GuestHouse I shared out the Nescafe sachets - compared to the freshly ground Yunnan coffees I'd been having all week, this tastes pretty bad.

Javier and MercheNext stop was lunch at the Tea Horse. The food here was pretty good and with views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from every bed, it certainly rivals others around for a place to stay.

At the high point of the track, a man will offer you views from 5 metres down his sidetrack for 8 yuan. Honestly it can't be the best viewpoint because the gutsy mountain finishes around here. So tell that entrepreneur he can shove it.

IMG_1344Down the 28 Bends, we are glad to be hiking in the opposite direction. These suckers hiking in the common direction look exhausted - except the mum who rented a horse. (see Sean's map)

Naxi family guest houseWe pulled into the Naxi Family GuestHouse and knocked back a couple of Dali beers before carrying on out merry way.

No ticket gate / entry fee man could be found so we marched into Margo's Gorged Tiger Cafe. A fantastic hike all ended with a great meal and a nice shower.

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Amanda said...

Them are some amazing mountains... a little envious i must say