Sunday, April 09, 2006

losing my religion

Buddhism in ChinaThe first world buddhist forum was recently held in Beijing. Is China opening up to the world or is it a temporary diversion from the introspective past? Since 1982 the Chinese government ammended its constitution to allow freedom of religion.

Since it is reputed to be the most colourful temple in Beijing, a visit to the Lama Temple was on. Inside each of the halls are various massive Buddha images, however no photography is allowed.

monks hanging out
monks hanging out,
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temple architectureTo be honest I find it difficult to believe it is the most colourful temple in the city. One thing that did strike me as interesting though were the small male and female figure statues in the museum hall: they were shagging! I've always maintained that if I ever take up a religion, that Buddhism sounds the best.

Reading this, you probably know that the Internet is making more of a global impression than any single religion. I haven't attended church / temple for a service other than tourism and friends' weddings. China will have 300-million internet users by 2005. For China however, the catch is censorship.

flowering tree and menear the front of Lama TempleIf you are a fan of incense, at the Lama Temple there are many decent bins full of the firey sticks burning away and kneeling prayers afront each. Breathe it in!

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