Friday, July 15, 2005

shapely fruits jungle

shapely fruitsAll sorts of interesting and shapely goods can be enjoyed during a shopping experience at the all new Di-a-mon-da Si-tee. You have to say it like that if you're asking for directions from any Japanese person. If you ask for "Diamond City", apparently you will receive a rather confused look, as if you've asked for directions to a nearby coffin convenience store.

As well as the never ending shopping, I think this is the local equivalent to the Chadstone shopping centre jungle back home, there's also the cinemas, and a branch of Nova just around the corner from the lingerie shop. Navigation landmarks are important if I don't want to be late for work - I've been lost there already! To get there in the first place however, I have a few options:
  • I could walk, but it might take a while... and my shoes are on the brink of death.
  • As I was advised last Sunday, one can always take the JR, (the local train) a whole 1 stop from my home station. ¥140 yen later and a 5 minute walk, hopefully not under rain conditions.
  • There's also the free shuttle bus which plonks you right at the door of the giant shopping mall, ready to shop.
  • The best non-rainy day option is to have a friend guide you and ride your bikes down a few back streets. Thanks Amanda, you're a legend.
Having arrived at work in time for a cover shift, I didn't need the spare pair of dry socks in my bag. The sloshing of swimming pools in my shoes is not on today!

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