Monday, July 25, 2005

the way she walks

tiny heels - still look painful
dollops says:words like kaaaaaawwwwaaaaaaiiiiii!
Vernon says:Which is cute?
dollops says:yep. a staple of the japanese female vocab.
Vernon says:Thought so.
Vernon says:Cool.
dollops says:said with eyes clenched and hands waving
Vernon says:ha hah ahhaah ha
Vernon says:classic.
dollops says:toes pointed
Vernon says:Oh yeah!!!!
dollops says:shopping bag uncomfortably on the crook of the arm
Vernon says:Talk about leaning towers of footwear!
dollops says:legs bowed
Vernon says:Some ferret dog under the other arm.
dollops says:6 inch footsteps
Vernon says:and somehow not falling over!
dollops says:mobile phone on the ear
Vernon says:What a vivid picture.
dollops says:in pink


Clinton Fowler said...

Vern! What the hell are you on about with this little dialogue? Please explain!

Vernon said...

Sorry that was stretching it a little. I was hoping the title "the way she walks" and the fact that I am in Japan would have sufficed.

The dialogue was an actual conversation between myself and Dollops about the characteristics of the stereotype Japanese girl walking down the street.

Please read it once again and ... As long as you think Japanese, the rest should be quite vivid. Okay? How's that?