Friday, July 01, 2005

another brick in the war

Pink Floyd : The WallBack in 1979, Pink Floyd may have been cranking out some great tunes, but the lyrics are still fresh in my mind. Especially after this week's activity! Occasionally the music lesson comes along and this is a great way to kill 40 minutes as I often have to define what lyrics are, and other music vocabulary.

Sarcasm is not only a foreign concept for most Japanese, it is too difficult for our students to even contemplate. As much as I'd love to, there's definitely no dark sarcasm in the classroom.

A short string of students often don't show up for their scheduled lessons. I don't know about them, but I certainly need to continue with my own education (in Japanese language). I welcome the opportunity of a spare 40 minutes to learn another Kanji character from Kanji Pict-O-Graphix: Over 1,000 Japanese Kanji and Kana Mnemonicsmy recent book purchase

Finally, no matter how flirting (or frustrating) any student may be, of course there is that strict company rule: Hey, teacher, reave those kids arone!

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