Tuesday, July 12, 2005

visiting the world

Okay, recently I joined the Flickr: visit the world - the travel guide group as... Well, it's free and I reckon it's a bloody good idea. The new traveling guide : Why not? Planning your trip on photos is better than on boring and insignificant descriptions. In the group discussion lies the answer that, albeit it is in my Lonely Planet phrasebook, I need to practice it (in Japanese!) a lot. May I take your picture? - seems like a simple enough phrase, right?

Free Guestmap from Bravenet.com
Welcome to my GuestMap! Okay all you itchy-footed friends out there. Mark your location, or where you are planning your next holiday and leave a message of the utmost significance! "I so need a holiday!" - I know you don't think so!

Following the title of this post; unless you have a thing for Tom Cruise, don't waste your hard earned on the latest War of the Worlds movie - why won't Tom Cruise simply die in his next movie? What are the chances of losing him in M.I.3? If you're really into the War of the Worlds story, buy the original novel by H.G. Wells or the vivid 2 disc musical version by Jeff Wayne.

What a pity, my first cinema experience in Japan last Sunday night was a crapper of a movie. At least the company made up for it.

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