Monday, June 05, 2006

mates muster and matsuri 祭り

sleep now...Calling on mates for a favour, they saved my sorry arse, and I am ever grateful. In fact, things only got better once back in Hiroshima. Nikki, Rod, Colin and Joe lend me a couch, feed me, and take care of me. After a wee nap, once more it was rocking time.

Toukasan street dancerColin and Toukasan masksAsahi beer chickReese, Greg and fairy flossMore friends massing and with miraculous timing, the 2006 summer Toukasan festival kicked into full swing. Nothing short of a full scale parade, complete with street dancers, blaring megaphones, sizzling fresh snack foods, various game stalls, dressing gowns - I mean yukata - and of course Kirin and Asahi beers on tap! The carnival days and bender nights went on, punctuated with reviving Vietnam coffee.

Nozomi (on Vimeo)5-stream mayonnaiseLike a fire fading in the night, the festivity wound down. I thanked my cherished friends, bid farewell and sayonara. The Nozomi bullet train pulled away, bound for Tokyo once again, while I contemplated. My geographical destination was fixed, but what of my soul? Is home really a place to hang your hat? Will I ever meet these kinds of friends again...?
yukata clad Emma Small and Kate