Wednesday, June 22, 2005

blind jousting

There are a plethora of activities one can carry out whilst cruising around town on your bicycle. I am constantly amused by the ladies wearing face shades that look like the wearer is a fully qualified welder. In my brief survey of other things you can do while BMXing in Hiroshima, I came up with this short list:
  • chat with your co-cyclists
  • smoke cigarettes
  • send email from your moblie phone
  • call your friend to ask if they are waiting for you somewhere else
  • navigate your way with the moving map GPS in your phone
  • hog the shade while you wait beside the pedestrian crossing
  • film the action as you ride
  • use your umbrella to shield from the rain or to practice jousting (works best with a transparent plastic umbrella)
  • never eat, but drinking McDonald's Coke is okay
  • dink your friends
  • wear high heels on your way to work
The list goes on... Any suggestions for testing are welcome.

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