Monday, June 13, 2005

welcome, farewell, happy birthday

Honey-choco-bread was a demolition site after 6 of the Japanese staff from my old work branch, Itsukaichi, went to work on it. The triple celebration of my farewell from the branch, another staff's welcome and yet another staff's birthday was more than justification for this grand get together.

After spending the day at Miyajima, I found myself rather short when it came to paying the bill at the restaurant. Any other country in the world, I'd say even in Cambodia, who cares if you run out of cash. Maybe you could pay by debit card but Visa-san always works... Except when you're in Japan!

What still seems more stupid than my extremely embarrasing moments while the birthday girl paid for my dinner, is the fact that the ATMs have opening and closing hours that pretty much coincide with the bank's hours. Anybody, please tell me the point of closing an ATM.

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