Wednesday, June 29, 2005

fashionable idiots

The Japan Times Online has an important article on fashionable idiots that wear armour to work and contribute to environmental destruction.

This suit-wearing regime is a massive contrast to the attire I donned in my previous jobs. So why have I joined this greenhouse gas producing plot? Or a better question is: "Will it ever be possible to sway the mindset of the biggest employer of English teachers in Japan and their clients?"

I think I'll enquire about it at work today. Hopefully they won't fire me but seriously consider the issue of global warming and Japan's promise. I'll try some relevant big words like Kyoto Protocol and ones honour to keep their promise.

It's 30 degrees and raining here in Hiroshima today with little change predicted in the forecast. So what would you look like at work without the neck-tie? Save the ozone layer: ditch the suit

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