Sunday, June 05, 2005

keeping fit?

Aussies versus Hiroshima's only bouldering facility.
Aussies versus Hiroshima's only bouldering facility
Note the sophisticated technology indicating the route to be climbed. Green Arena's the only place in town!
Green Arena's the only place in town!
All one needs to do to utilise this brilliant climbing facility is:
  1. buy tickets from a vending machine before each visit (pretend you're going to a cinema)
  2. take your shoes off before you enter the soft floor area
  3. swipe your member card and press some magic buttons on a touch screen
  4. hand over your ticket and member card to the smiley staff
  5. find the route maps that you think you might try and plug the numbers into the sophisticated electronic route mapping system (a 486 that tells which LED's to light up, just like landing a jumbo jet at night time with the Christmas trees along side the runway)
  6. shoe up and chalk up (neither are optional if you plan to last more than 15 minutes)
  7. and don't take photos unless you have a photography pass - available free at the swipe-in counter!
And that's assuming you have survived running the gauntlet past the kyudo (Japanese archery) club.

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