Thursday, June 09, 2005

shefu シェフ

shefu シェフ,
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At long last, I finally enjoyed the local specialty. It's called okonomiyaki and is a superb meal cooked right in front of your wrists. You know it's fresh! This particular eatery, in a building with 3 floors of okonomiyaki serving venues, includes a menu in English and a cool chef.

Standard okonomiyaki comes with egg, pork and either soba or udon noodles. Add your extras like garlic, onion, shrimp, squid, cheese, or perhaps cows' achilles for a custom version. After a hearty feast with a pair of fellow teachers, I can definitely agree now (finally), that it is a scrumptious and filling dining delight. I'll be back for more some day soon!

the eggs Coming to Hiroshima? Seek out one of these places serving okonomiyaki for your dinnner! ... or lunch, a snack, something to munch on, an alternative to whatever else you've been feeding yourself. Choose any excuse.

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