Friday, January 27, 2006

deep, soft adventure

Post-breakfast fish burps aren't the nicest way to start the day. There's absolutely nothing to do here except ski... So I bought an 8-hour ticket in the powder skiiers paradise!

Friends and I jumped on the chairlift to the heavens. Hanazono #3 was our chosen lift for the first morning session, including some practice hammering through the trees - and the cool thing here is when you crash, as long as you're not wrapped around a tree, you fall into snow as soft as ... well, really soft.

Alongside the terrain park down under Hanazono #1 is my absolute favourite run. The late morning was spent there practicing any one of the great tips I received from skiing with the Crebbin posse.

View this video clip on Vimeo.
After nearly all of us ate the same lunch, Kim, Steve and Steve took me up for the summit traverse and off to a land of beautiful untracked powder. The resistance in the soft and deep snow was perfect for controlled turns. That same snow is not so great when we ended up trudging a couple of kilometres. The slog out of nowhere was tough going, but we used the Tour de France team method of rotating the fresh man to break trail at the front.

Some guy driving a big truck told us off for skating along the road, then helped us with some vague directions to get back. Past the golf course and we made it back to Hanazono #1 before it closed.

hot drinks in the Ice Bar
hot drinks in the Ice Bar,
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In the igloo known as Ice Bar, we enjoyed hot drinks and had a laugh at the deep, soft adventure story. This bar is a complete novelty with the architecture, the drinks menu, the 3-D glasses that give kaleidoscope flowers to the fairy lights; I recommend a visit if you are in the area.

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