Wednesday, January 04, 2006

king size please

Just how big is King Kong really? Well that depends whether or not you end up in the last available seats in the front row at the biggest cinema screen in town. If you ever want to curl up in your seat in fear of an enormous ape, this is a great movie to do it! A stiff neck though, be warned. If you prefer a smaller version, try these Miyajima monkeys.

Another big movie recently seen with friends was Sin City. This film gets the SSS award for Sustained Strong Stylized Violence, so it is a big noch up from Kill Bill. It's loaded with big name actors too, and should fit in well with Tarantino fans.

The huge one I'm patiently on the look out for is the 4th instalment of Indiana Jones... Come on. The recent huge one for laughs was Super-Size Me - full points on that one.

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