Friday, January 20, 2006

powder dreams

James turning the white stuff Yesterday's ski trip to Megahira included some Brad Pitt - Fight Club style sunglasses, plastic fence collection, Michael Jackson impressions and a massive mama lunch.
Japan Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide: Snow Hazards
More than eighty people have been killed by record snowfalls in Japan's north and northwest. As affected areas begin to thaw, travellers are warned of avalanche, landslide and flooding dangers. The Niigata, Nagano and Akita prefectures have received the heaviest falls. Travellers should monitor consular and local Japanese news outlets before travelling to affected areas.
So that's why my friend Rie cancelled going skiing with me last Sunday!

Meanwhile, the conditions at Niseko, next week's destination...
The Alpen Hotel is having a Jazz Night on January 27. The evening starts with a meal and drinks at 7pm. Advance sales are ¥4500 yen per person. Always a fantastic evening - book now to avoid disappointment!
Sapporo breweryAnd if things are really bad, there's always the Sapporo brewery. Mmm, beer...


yukari said...

i just checked your blog. that is so cool. i'd like you to teach me how to make a blog so awesome =P

Dan said...

high fives for being the only people who blog on their blogs!! How was vacation? cold and white?