Sunday, March 20, 2005

a beautiful wedding

Congratulations to Lou & Luke.

Luke running rings around Lou

a very happy groom and bride - husband and wife

Louise & Melanie

Mr Warren about to quench his thirst.

Mel inside The Vines of Red Hill for the reception party.

Scott loves the food.

Christie and myself, partying at our table.

Helen, just as happy as the boys to be at a table of lunatics.

Julie and Peter enjoying the night.

Thanks to the Spring Creek Farm B&B, the pool is ace and the breakfast a delicious feast - healthy too I think. Certainly appreciated the chauffer service too. Thank you and Melanie for organising our accommodation that was so much more.


Anonymous said...

Awesome air on the jumps dude

Clinton Fowler said...

Luke, your wife is one hot babe! You ought to be congratulated! Isn't that the slogan to Tip Top..home pride bread Fred?

Clinton Fowler said...

Congratulations Luke!