Sunday, March 20, 2005

super beans & dragons on the Yarra

Dragon boat racing on the Yarra River, Melbourne.
Congratulations to Scott and the crew of Arab Bank of Australia, who won every race they competed in on the day.

Another part of Melbourne's Food and Wine Festival was the barristas' paradise of dozens of coffee stalls trailing away from Federation Square. Celebrate the Bean - Coffee & Chocolate Festival was a coffee lover's delight over pure indulgence with the live demonstrations, the samples and all the fan-fare of inhaling that caffeine aroma every step along the river bank.

If you believe everything you read, here's a quote from the Herald-Sun newspaper, 23rd March 2005.
Exactly what ingredient in coffee is protective is unclear, but it does contain chlorogenic acid which has been shown to have an anti-cancer effect in animal research.
Have you fed coffee to your pets lately? More importantly, the taste of coffee is set to improve even more, yes, you heard right! Check it out at ABC's article on the DNA map to help brew better coffee... Alright, who was the idiot that ordered the caffeine-free coffee?

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