Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just another tropical cyclone threat...

Tropical Cyclone Ingrid Threat Map
The legend on this map says red is Very Destructive Winds - and I thought my father's bum was the source of it all.

Back on a more serious note, no one has forgotten the devastation caused by last year's Indian Ocean tsunami. My brother reported massive snow dumps in Warsaw just this morning. Everyone has seen our beloved PM walk away from the Kyoto protocol... Anyone who has seen the film The Day After Tomorrow might be following along closely about now...
Meanwhile my aunt in northern Queensland speaks of a 1997 experience:
"I sat through an eye in 1997. Really weird to have massive storm, then not just total calm, but the sun comes out, the birds start to sing. Then suddenly from the other direction WHAMMO!"

I put the question to you: What's next on our global climate?

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Andrew said...

What's next on our global climate?A freak cyclone centred on The White House, 10 Downing Street and The Lodge.