Sunday, March 27, 2005

empty suitcase

Packing is going great... not! On Tuesday my mum (who had come a long way from Merimbula) spent the day with me and the relatives and she bought me a suitcase! I've never owned or even used a suitcase before, it feels weird. So now I have this empty suitcase standing right there on the floor, staring at me, waiting to be filled...

Actually it seems like every time my brother or another relative takes a car load of furnishings or crap away, another lot of stuff just appears out of nowhere! We really do posses a lot of useless stuff in our lifetime. Next I'm trying to give my skis and skating poles away and probably my tent and car camping stuff to Christie. I even sold my mattress, linen and doona! Now I just curl up on my Thermarest under my sleeping bag.

Yes, definitely at that stage of just wanting to go. In fact I just want to be there and get started. My Japanese language is terrible, or non-existent. I wish my previous Japanese housemate was still living here (and talking to me) so I could practice, or at least learn something.

HiroshimaResearching Hiroshima, I can't seem to get past the fact that the place was bombed 60 years ago! Does anything happen here apart from bombing?

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