Thursday, March 17, 2005

blog o vfowler subscriptions

blog o vfowler finally has all the features I wanted. You can now subscribe to receive email notifications of my posts.

Why subscribe?
  • Might be an easy way for you to catch up on what I'm thinking, doing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, trying, experiencing...
  • You'll automatically know when I've bothered to write (if I haven't written for a few months, please call the police and tell them you'll want fries with that).
  • You might be a loser on my address list and need a friendly email from time to time.
  • Browser bookmarks (or Favorites) keep changing out of your control.
  • Because not much in life is free, except love and my blog posts.
To subscribe:
  1. put your email address in the box under the subscription heading (found in the sidebar).
  2. if you still don't know that you can submit forms by pressing Enter, hit the nike button.
To remove your subscription anytime:
  1. follow the same steps as subscribing!
I hope you find my blog interesting... or at least a distraction from your 9 - 5 (or whatever hours you work these days).


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