Monday, March 28, 2005

what about my outdoors life?

Recent research of my Hiking in Japan book has led me to this point. It appears that the Chugoku region, that surrounds Hiroshima, has fewer hikes than almost every other region in this book! Is this some conspiracy that I am unaware of?

But here's the good news: Winter storms dump large amounts of snow, making Daisen the best place in western Japan for winter mountaineering. Cool! :)

Can you understand though, that I love snow and, like most people I really don't like the cold? I've asked a few people to comment on this in the past. Do you see the difference? Snow is a source of play time, thrills and spills. Cold is generally something you only want your drinks or ice-cream to be.


Lorraine said...

Vern, Vern, Vern - you are confused. SNOW and COLD are things that go together - you can't have snow without that cold, icy feeling, brrr!

I'm sure you will have fun in the snow even if you don't get to go on too many walks. I know you will find other ways to get your FUN!

Anonymous said...
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