Friday, March 18, 2005

web economy bullshit generator

All when I was hoping to escape my financial insecurity of working in cyberspace, along comes the web economy bullshit generator. Next time a client holds out on (very) overdue payments, I reckon I'll be on the phone spinning heaps of this, about their current / future projects. It still is a far-cry from hearing those words, The cheque is in the mail when I always want to reply with And fuck you too.

Maybe you can use a variation of these words with your own boss. I'm sure a few of these were on my last resume... The possibilities are endless. If you are seeking escape, try some of these tragic client coping stories at

But if it's all too much, or perhaps you're sick and tired of struggling with a new name in the accounts department each week, get these guys, the cyber law mafia to work for you.

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