Thursday, March 10, 2005

Birthday crowd control

Sometimes our circles of friends are bigger than we realise. This is great! However, when making your booking at the Napier Hotel for, at least the 3rd consecutive birthday party, you should know by now, regardless of how many friends are not in the country, that a table of "10 or 12" will NEVER suffice! To all the folk who missed out on better seating this year, I'm sure we can arrange front row tickets for the big one next year. Also, if you do not wish to participate in crowd surfing, please be sure to wear inappropriate attire.

Photo taken 2004_06_19.

To my dear friend of long time, I hope this is another year of fun, laughter and great times.

Any one seen Tom's stolen bike? Some ratbag cut the lock and rode off with the goods while we were partying! Our local police officer has drawn a likeness from your description: blue, hard-tail, ...

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